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The foundation of the Hungarian Surgical Society started in 1905. Coming back from a surgical meeting organized by a German surgical society a few Hungarian surgeons met in a small restaurant in Berlin. After the dinner Samu Borbely, Moric Chudovszky, Imre Frater, Pal J. Haberern, Bela Koch, Endre Ludvik and Vilmos Manninger discussed the absolute necessity of the foundation of a surgical society in Hungary, too.

They agreed that the German example should be followed to create a surgical society. Vilmos Manninger, the most active member of this company, set off the organization. Vilmos Manninger sent a letter to the leading persons in surgery in Hungary on October 23rd 1906, afterwards the organizing committee was formed on 16th November. Professor Gyula Dollinger was elected as president, and Vilmos Manninger as secretary of the organizing committee. The first general assembly was held on May 31st 1907, which approved the statutes of the Hungarian Surgical Society. The first meeting of the 316 members of the society was held in the National Museum in Budapest, which was honoured by high ranking state representatives of the country. “…Science and enthusiasm will be the essence of our meetings. Helping the suffering patients with scientific knowledge and seeking the progress of surgery with enthusiasm are our main responsibilities…” quoted from the presidential speech of the opening ceremony of the Hungarian Surgical Society.

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