Ultrasound Section

S E C T I O N S  O F  T H E  S O C I E T Y  O F  H U N G A R I A N  R A D I O L O G I S T S

The Ultrasound Section of our Society was founded 20 years ago and the current number of our members is 553. The president is Zoltán Harkányi and the Secretery General is Zita Morvay, holding this function already for eight years. Diagnostic, vascular and interventional ultrasound represents one of the most important activity of the Hungarian radiologists, since the vast majority of this type of work is performed in radiology departments in Hungary.
The Ultrasound Section has close cooperation with other ultrasound related non-radiological organizations (gynecologist, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedists etc.).
Our regular meetings and conferences are always well attended. The annual
Sopron Ultrasound Days is the most popular one. This year we are going to organize the 20th meeting in October 2005. The main organizer of the Sopron Ultrasound Days is Tibor Baranyai, the chief radiologist of the Sopron Hospital and also the director of the hospital. For years, besides getting the most relevant knowledge of ultrasound, we can also update our knowledge in other fields of diagnostic imaging. The three-day meeting is always focused on special topics, e.g. oncology imaging, newest technical developments in ultrasound (US) etc. Papers are presented by invited speakers from Hungary and guest speakers from abroad. Efforts are made every year to invite outstanding experts from different countries of Europe and also from USA. Among others, some memorable speakers of the past years include:
Hans Peter Weskott
(Hannover), Luigi Solbiati (Milano), Boris Brikljacic (Zagreb), Nirvikar Dahiya (Coimbatore), Radu Badea and Soren Dudea (Cluj), Sasa Rainer (Slovenj Gradec), Ji-Bin Liu, Vijay Rao, David Levin (Philadelphia), Brian Coley (Colombus, USA).
All major manufacturers are always present for the technical exhibition with the latest US equipments. On the last day of the meeting, participants from the whole country present interesting cases and the best presentations are awarded.
In the past 14 years we have established excellent connections with the radiologists of Jefferson University, Philadelphia.
Barry Goldberg has been a great support for our exchange programs between Hungary and the Jefferson University. Several young Hungarian radiologists received some training in new fields of US at Jefferson and teachers visited our conferences, conducted courses, lectures and presentations.
Another successful and popular biannual meeting is the “Lélek Imre” Ultrasound Conference organized by
Gyöngyi Nagy, the chief radiologist of the County Hospital in Zalaegerszeg. The Conference is held in Hévíz, at a pleasant resort close to the Balaton Lake. This meeting emphasizes the education in different fields of ultrasound and tries to find the place of US in the complexity of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in a certain disease. For that reason, multidisciplinary participation of clinicians is always required in these meetings.
One can never forget the experience to look into the valley next to Zalaegerszeg in the middle of May and see the unique blooming of “Azaleas”.
A foundation was made in memory of Lélek Imre, the famous radiologist who was one of the first in performing and educating sonography in Hungary. The “Lélek Imre” medal is given every second year to those members of the Ultrasound Section, who made a special impact on ultrasound practice and education in Hungary.
Since we relish challenges, we organize several quiz meetings based on ultrasound. We have had great success in these meetings – borrowing the title from a popular TV show “Be a Millionaire! Be a poor Radiologist!”. Case presentations held from time-to- ime have motivated young radiologist to conduct presentations.
The Ultrasound Section is also dealing with the hotspots of diagnostic US, like: suggestions for regulation and licensing of US practice in our country, recommendations to purchase modern US equipments, educational requirements for postgraduate doctors and sonographers, recommendations for the Hungarian College of Radiologists related to US practice.
The executive board of the Ultrasound Section is also willing to introduce new applications and development of US. The potential role of US contrast agents, 3D ultrasound, and new software applications has been discussed on meetings organized and sponsored by the Ultrasound Section of the Radiological Society.

dr. Zoltán Harkányi, dr. Zita Morvay
Zoltán Harkányi, president of the Ultrasound Section
Zita Morvay, secretary general of the Ultrasound Section
Dr. Zoltán Harkányi PhD, head of the Department of Radiology, CT Laboratory Pál Heim Children Hospital, Budapest
Dr. Zita Morvay PhD, associate professor of radiology, University of Szeged, Faculty of General Medicine, Department of Radiology, Szeged