Section of Pediatric Radiology

S E C T I O N S  O F  T H E  S O C I E T Y  O F  H U N G A R I A N  R A D I O L O G I S T S


In 1898 three articles concerning pediatric radiology were published in the journal Medical Weekly. One was written by Géza Faludy and illustrated by an Xray picture taken by Károly Kiss, an assistant at the Technical University of Budapest. A central X-ray unit was established at the Medical University of  Budapest in 1907, under the direction of Béla Alexander. From 1925 prof. Bókay, the head of Pediatrics Clinic in Budapest, was aware that radiology could not merely be carried out as a secondary or subordinate activity. The first specialized pediatric radiologist was Károly Gefferth. He qualified as a radiologist in 1933 and retired in 1971. His activity and energy did not subside till his death in 1992. He was an honorable member of the European Society of Pediatric Radiology.
In the 1960’s there was a worldwide revolution in the technical development of X-ray equipment. Many new and modern machines were adapted for pediatrics practice too, mainly in the developed countries. Unfortunately, Hungary was not able to follow this trend and for several years clung on to the “old” technical level in both general and pediatric radiology. Despite the handicapped circumstances, there was progress in the scientific field thanks to profs.
Zoltán Zsebôk and Mihály Erdélyi, directors of the Radiologic Clinic and Postgraduate Medical School, Department of Radiology in Budapest. Meetings and consultations for pediatric radiologists were held regulary in the Postgraduate Medical School in Budapest and in other clinics around the country. A milestone in the history of Hungarian pediatric radiology was reached in 1977. By accepting the suggestion of dr. Erzsébet Schläffer, the Pediatric Radiology Section was established within the Hungarian Radiological Society. Dr. Schläffer was the first president of the section and was reelected twice for a total of eight years. During this period there were about 60 members in the section, most of whom had specialized in both pediatrics and radiology with a special interest in new methods and results of radiology.


In 1976 a new Child Health Center was established in the Borsod County Teaching Hospital in Miskolc with 500 beds and included a pediatric radiology department (within the frame-work of The Diagnostic Imaging Center). The Department of Pediatric Radiology was initially headed by Magdolna Ormoshegyi. She was followed by Béla Lombay, who is currently in-charge. The Diagnostic Imaging Center of the County Hospital provides all new diagnostic imaging modalities for the pediatric radiology department, giving the department a more versatile look. Separate pediatric radiology departments are working in Budapest in the First Pediatrics Clinic of Semmelweis University (dr. Éva Kis), in Heim Pál Children’s Hospital (dr. Katalin Bitvai, dr. Zoltán Harkányi), Madarász Children’s Hospital (dr. Mariann Újvári), Children’s Hospital Buda (dr. Erzsébet Petrovics), the Pediatrics Clinic of University in Pécs (dr. János Weisenbach), the Pediatrics Clinic of the University in Szeged (dr. József Beviz), Bethesda Children’s Hospital, and the Second Pediatrics Clinic of Semmelweis University (dr. Gábor Rudas is currently working in Austria).
Since 2003, pediatric radiology has become a separate subspeciality. That means an opportunity for the general radiologists, after two years, and pediatricians, after three years, to take theoretical and practical examination in the topic of pediatric radiology.

Gefferth’s prize

The pediatric radiology section founded this prize for the most prominent pediatric radiologist who is announced every other year on the occasion of the international meeting of the section. To date, the following physicians have been awarded for their service to Hungarian Pediatric Radiology: Erzsébet Schläffer, György Köteles, Béla Lombay, Katalin Bitvai and József Beviz. Scientific work, meetings In 1988, an annual English-language international journal, Year Book of Pediatric Radiology, edited by Béla Lombay, was founded. It aimed at providing an opportunity to publish articles by colleagues not only from Hungary but from anywhere in the world. It has proved to be a great success.
Several articles from the topic of pediatric radiology are published in the journals of “Hungarian Radiology” and “Pediatrics”, too. On occasions, Hungarian articles have been published in Pediatric Radiology.  Biannually, the section organizes an international symposium with postgraduate courses for pediatric and general radiologists. Frequently, invited speakers from Europe and United States lecture in these symposium
(Paul Kleinman, Alan Daneman, Peter Kramer, Hans Blickman, Elisabeth Sweet, Helen Carty, Veronica Donough, Fred Avni).
Each year special pediatric radiology scientific sections are organised at the Sopron Ultrasound Days and other Hungaraian Radiology Meetings. Also, we have successfully organized half-day meetings twice a year in Budapest to discuss interesting cases.
Pediatric radiological postgraduate courses are organised for radiologists and pediatricians every year at the Semmelweis University in Budapest
(dr. Éva Kis). One of the most important event for our Society was the 29th Annual Congress of the European Society of Pediatric Radiology (ESPR), organized in Budapest in 1992 with 400 participants from Europe and overseas. It was certainly a memorable and successful meeting.
In 2002, a successful international Musculoskeletal Course of ESPR was organised in Budapest for young radiologists
(dr. Béla Lombay, dr. Éva Kis). Many Hungarian pediatric radiologists annually participate in the ESPR and ECR with papers, posters or as invited chairmen. They also attend the international courses of ESPR every year.

International connections

With the help of the Soros Foundation, between 1989–1992, eight Hungarian pediatric radiologists spent six week in Toronto at the Imaging Department of the Sick Children Hospital. During that period, four Canadian radiologists spent some weeks in Hungary. The European Pediatric Radiology Society have seven Hungarian members with prof. Béla Lombay as the honorary member of the society. In recent times, Béla Lombay has been the member of the Pediatric Subcommittee of ECR. Éva Kis has been selected to serve on the Pediatric Subcommittee of ECR in 2005 and 2006.
As a result of cordial relationship with the international faculty, the Hungarian Radiology Society gave the title of honorable member to the following:
Alan Daneman (Canada), Charles Gooding (USA), Paul Kleinman (USA), Hans Ringertz (Sweden), Elisabeth Sweet (Scotland), Eberhard Willich (Germany) and Helen Carty (England).

dr. Éva Kis, dr. Béla Lombay

Béla Lombay, president, Section of Pediatric Radiology
Dr. Béla Lombay PhD, professor of radiology, head of the Department of Pediatric Radiology, Borsod County Teaching Hospital, Miskolc, President of the Society, E-mail:

Éva Kis, general secretary of the Pediatric Radiology Section
Dr. Éva Kis PhD, head of the Department of Radiology of 1st Department of Pediatrics, Semmelweis University, Budapest. E-mail: