Osteology Section

S E C T I O N S  O F  T H E  S O C I E T Y  O F  H U N G A R I A N  R A D I O L O G I S T S

The Osteology Section of HSR (HSR-OS) was founded 16 years back, in 1998, three years before the ESSR (European Musculoskeletal Society). The members are not only radiologists, but all specialists interested in skeletal diagnostics are welcome. Annual meetings were organized in Budapest, Miskolc, Salgótarján.
Since recently (1999), the congress has a permanent venue: Balatonfüred. In the last six years, the annual meeting  has become one of the most popular events in the country, with joint meetings organized with the Hungarian Osteoporosis and Osteoarthrology Society. These joint meetings, with CME accreditation, offer interdisciplinary approach of musculoskeletal diseases, including diagnostics, therapy and patient education. Refresher courses, scientific sessions, categorical courses, special focus sessions, posters, workshops and a large industrial exhibition offer numerous parallel activities. Annually, the most visited session is the “case reports in three minutes”. Other popular occasion is the ultrasound hands-on course during the meeting days. There are regular parallel morning and afternoon sessions as well. Along with the annual meeting, the Osteology Section started an additional new annual special focus postgraduate course with CME accreditation since 2002: Radiology of metabolic bone disorders.
The Osteology Section has its own peer reviewed quarterly Journal in the Hungarian language for 12 years: “Oszteológiai Közlemények” with an international Editorial Board. The journal offers forum for scientific activities on the one hand and broad scientific information service via reports about national and international meetings for those, who could not participate. The journal is a forum, first of all, for Hungarian articles. There is a tradition every year: the winner of the “Best Paper Prize” gets financial support to participate in the ESSR meeting. Some high level papers from Europe are published in the journal as well, in English.
The electronic version of the journal can be reached at www.mrt-os.hu page. Active participation of the Osteology Section is evident in courses for both residents in training and postgraduate education of radiologists, in strong collaboration with radiology departments of various universities. The Osteology Section has been active by giving numerous talks in the frame of Regional Postgraduate Education Program of the HSR and for specialists of other medical disciplines. A strong historical collaboration with ESSR is the important goal of the Osteology Section. There were two founding members of ESSR in Bonn (1992),
Sándor Forgács and Ádám Mester. Sándor Forgács was elected and re-elected as Chancellor of the Executive Committee. Later, Ádám Mester was elected to the post of Chancellor.
The 8
th Annual Meeting was organized in Hungary, Budapest, in 2001. Adam Mester was choosen Vice President, and then President in 2002– 2003.
Sándor Forgács was elected honorary member of the Society in 2004. Active bilateral collaborations with other European societies and universities exist. We have especially long and strong links with the Royal College of UK. Numerous excellent invited speakers from Europe and USA have given refresher courses. A few of them are: Judy Adams, Alain Chevrot, Mark Davies, Ljubomir Djankov, Harry Genant, George Greenfield, Adam Greenspan, George Hermann, Herwig Imhof, Vladimir Jevtic, Kjell Johnson, Franz Kainberger, Carlo Masciocchi, Iain McCall, Simon Ostlere, Holger Pettersson, Victor Cassar-Pullicino, Thomas Rand, Maximilian Reiser, Jenö Sebes, Daniel Vanel and Iain Watt.
There is a long history of the Osteology Section participation in ISS (International Skeletal Society). The ISS is a special society, since its membership is based on elections, unlike most other organizations. Sándor Forgács is currently not only member of the society, but he is also a member of the “Committee for Promotion of refresher course outside of North America”.
The HSR-OS, chaired by
Sándor Forgács, represents in all its activities the interest of HSR and has very active collaboration with HSR and other subdiscipline societies. Last year, at the 22nd Meeting of HSR, a musculoskeletal precongress course was organized in English with UEMS CME accreditation.

dr. Sándor Forgács, dr. Ádám Mester

Sándor Forgács, president of the Osteology Section
Dr. Sándor Forgács PhD, radiologist-in-chief, Uzsoki Hospital, Department of Radiology, Budapest
Ádám Mester, general secretary of the Osteology Section
Dr. Ádám Mester PhD, associate professor, Semmelweis University, Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Oncotherapy, Budapest