Committee of the Young Hungarian Radiologists

The purpose of the committee is to represent the interests of radiologists below the age of 37 years. There are six committee members, having a four-year term.
The elections were last held in June 2004. One the most important responsibilities of the committee is to organize a biannual meeting (forum for and by young radiologists). This provides a good opportunity for the younger generation to present papers and case-reports. Several film-reading sessions and hands-on workshops are also held simaltaneously. The meetings are livened up by culture and sports program. Earlier, a successful youth club existed, which was temporarily suspended. This will be reactivated in the near-future. It is our aim to collect under one umbrella as many young radiologists as possible, and also to effectively deal with their academic and work-related issues.
The committe has been assured of continuous support in all fields by the Society of Hungarian Radiologists.

dr. Rita Somogyi

Rita Somogyi, consultant radiologist
Dr. Rita Somogyi, County Teaching Hospital, Zalaegerszeg