Breast Diagnostic Section

S E C T I O N S  O F  T H E  S O C I E T Y  O F  H U N G A R I A N  R A D I O L O G I S T S

The continuous development in breast diagnostics and screening made it necessary to bring together the Hungarian breast radiologists in a section which dealt with the problems of this subspecialty. The section was founded in 1998. By 2004 it had 256 affiliated members (21% of the Hungarian radiologists). The board consists of nine members, with elections every four years. In the past six years, the section was very successful. As the first step towards providing quality care in breast diagnostics, we surveyed the professional and technical facilities available to us in Hungary.
Thereafter, we made contacts among Hungarian and international breast organisations and professionals to seek their help and advice.
Main steps taken to ensure quality care in breat diagnostics:

The main goal of the Hungarian breast diagnostics is to achieve full EU compatibility.

dr. Katalin Ormándi, dr. Gábor Forrai

Katalin Ormándi, president of the Breast Diagnostic Section
Dr. Katalin Ormándi, consultant radiologist, International Medical Center, Szeged
Gábor Forrai, secretary general of the Breast Diagnostic Section
Dr. Gábor Forrai PhD, head of the department, National Medical Center, Department of Radiology, Budapest E-mail: