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ESPN 2021 Congress
Rendezvény kezdete: 2021.09.16.Rendezvény vége: 2021.09.19.
Helyszín: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
A rendezvény Web oldala: http://www.espn2021.org
Dear colleagues and friends,

We hope this mail finds you well.

The last weeks the COVID epidemic seems to be getting better in Europe thanks to the summer and to successful vaccination campaigns. At this point, more than 14 million vaccinations have been given in the Netherlands and we expect that all adults wanting to get vaccinated will have a shot by mid-July.

But of course, there are new variants developing all the time and we can’t predict what the situation will be like in September.

Today, we have had a technical rehearsal at the RAI conference center testing all components of the hybrid meeting. It is our pleasure to announce that this test has been very successful. We are preparing real-time two-way coverage from all lecture halls with 3 cameras in each hall and direct interaction between speakers, chairs and public (both onsite and online) via ZOOM.

This guarantees maximal flexibility and we can adapt the setting to any number of attendees at the RAI venue in Amsterdam.

We encourage you to register for the onsite meeting – in case you cannot travel because of health authority restrictions, the difference with the online registration fee will be reimbursed.

Please register at www.espn2021.org. Early registration will end July 15th.