January 2, 2001

To the
National Representatives and Presidents of IFCC Members Societies

Dear Colleagues,

Every three years the IFCC presents awards to clinical chemists and other clinical scientists who work in the field of clinical laboratory science. These awards are the:

Distinguished Clinical Chemistry Award

This award is sponsored by the BAYER Company to honour an individual who has made one or more contributions that have had a major impact on the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. These contributions should be widely known.

Previous laureates are:


D. D. Van Slyke (US)


C. P. Stewart (UK)


L. Eldjarn (NO)


C.-B. Laurell (SE)


P. Metais (FR)


P. Astrup (DK)


H.-U. Bergmeyer (DE)


N. Anderson (US)


R. Ekins (UK)


D.W. Moss (GB)




M. Wilchek (IL)


Henry Wishinsky Distinguished International Services Award

This award is sponsored by the BAYER Company and honours an individual who has made unique contributions to the promotion and understanding of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine throughout the world. The nominee�s role in promoting the profession on an international basis should be well known. This need not necessarily have been of a scientific nature but should have affected the practice of our discipline in many countries.

Previous laureates are:


M. Rubin (US)


P. Lous (DK)


T. P. Whitehead (UK)


M.-L. Castillo de Sanchez (MX)


R.Dybkaer (DK)


N. Tietz (US)




M. Shaarawy (EG)


IFCC Award for Distinguished for Contributions in Education

This award is sponsored by the Beckman-Coulter Company to honour an individual who contributed extraordinary in establishing and developing educational material for our discipline to improve training and educational programs world-wide or in a region.

The first laureate of this award was:

1999 L Thomas (DE)

These awards will be given on the occasion of the International Congress of Clinical Chemistry in Kyoto, Japan in 2002. Nominations should be mailed to Professor Carl A. Burtis, chairman of the IFCC Awards Committee before OCTOBER 1, 2001. Nominations are welcomed by the National IFCC Societies or by any individual member of the society including the proposed nominee. Nominations from a country or region different from that of the nominating society are encouraged.

Nominations must include a statement as to the reasons for the nominations, highlighting the accomplishments of the individual which warrant the nomination. Each nomination must be accompanied also by a complete curriculum vitae of the nominee including a bibliography. This documentation together with the nominating letter should be in English. The nominee need not be aware that a nomination has been made on her or his behalf. None of the officers of the IFCC are eligible for an award during their tenure of office.

On behalf of the Federation�s Awards Committee, I encourage you to nominate outstanding colleagues for consideration.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,

Carl A. Burtis
Chair, Awards Committee