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    The clinical laboratory and its impact on the environment c. IFCC webinárium 2023. szeptember 27-én, 15 órakor
    2023.09.19. - MLDT - Hírkategória: Általános

    Dear Colleagues,


    The next IFCC webinars: "The clinical laboratory and its impact on the environment" September 27, 2023.


    Waste from a Clinical Analysis laboratory can cause contamination and illness if not handled properly. Infectious waste, especially sharps, presents a risk to those who may come into contact with it. Many of diseases due to occupational exposure among health personnel correspond to hepatitis B infections and  HIV infections. Laboratories also generate chemical, pharmaceutical and radioactive waste, which requires special handling,  and large amounts of common waste. In some countries all this waste is mixed and burned in incinerators and this incineration generates large amounts of polluting substances. These substances can be transported polluting the environment not only where they are burned but also over long distances. If laboratory waste is not treated properly and is disposed of together with common waste, those who handle this waste also face a danger. It is important to promote the reduction of the entry of hazardous substances to the waste stream. There arealternatives that are safer and cleaner than incineration and are equally effective in rendering waste harmless. Being aware of the risks of poor handling of laboratory waste is very important and seeing how to implement measures to minimize these risks is essential.


    This webinar comprises of three following presentations of 20 min each followed by 20 min of panel discussion at the end. 


    Talk 1: Adequate disposal of waste in the Clinical Analysis Laboratory - Lic. Xavier Solans

    Talk 2: Adequate disposal of waste in the Clinical Analysis Laboratory - Chemist Carlos Alberto Severiche Sierra

    Talk 3: Impact on health due to inadequate handling of hazardous waste - Biochemist Gustavo Adolfo Velasco


    • Time Zones: Live presentations starting at: 9:00AM EDT-New York ; 3:00PM CET-Rome; 9:00PM CST-Beijing;
      Important: Please ensure that you carefully determine the time that the presentation will start in your global time zone. Click here to convert to your time-zone.
    • Recorded webinar: available on demand
    • Certificate of participation: available for all registrants 


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