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5CC World Congress 2024 - 16th 5 Continent Congress (Lisbon, Portugal, 2024.06.13-16.)
Rendezvény kezdete: 2024.06.13.Rendezvény vége: 2024.06.16.
Helyszín: Portugal, Lisbon, CCL - Centro de Congressos de Lisboa
A rendezvény Web oldala: https://www.5-cc.com/en/2024/home/

Dear Colleagues

We are excited to welcome everyone back to our new 5CC home – Lisbon, Portugal. After an astonishing first go in Lisbon, we are ready to continue the tradition of our incredible global conference in this truly remarkable city in Portugal – and you are all invited.
The 5CC has a long and rich history as being an all-inclusive dermatology and aesthetic medicine conference – along with having truly one of the most outstanding faculties seen in global meetings. We pride ourselves on the quality of the faculty each year and how attendees have access to these first-class speakers. In addition, our newly formed Next Generation Stars, which began in 2023, was a hit – where the next group of young, intelligent, and innovative thought leaders from all over the globe prepared their sessions in focused areas to gain further insights on the topics that are the most pressing and exciting of our day. We will be continuing these sessions in 2024 and are looking forward to the next generation of superstars in our space.
The focus at our 16th 5CC World Congress lays on medical dermatology and how the new paradigms in dermatology is making our patients lives better and healthier. The new medicines here and coming to us are true game-changers and understanding how they work and how they achieve their endpoints are all focal points in our medical dermatology courses. On the aesthetic side, new energy-based devices, new neurotoxins, and new fillers, along with other innovations including regenerative medicine all are making our patients live healthier and more youthful lives – we will cover all the new topics during our meeting. And of course, practice management – how we do things with social media, how we engage companies for support, and how we work with our own employees – are all part of what we bring to life in our evolving practice management courses.
Finally, then there is Lisbon itself. If you were with us in 2023, you saw firsthand the beauty, the charm, and the incredible cuisine associated with this destination. If you were not with us, then this city must be on everyone’s bucket list to visit – and the 5CC’s new home is a perfect reason to come to Lisbon. So, on behalf of our wonderful Board of Directors, we all welcome you to the 16th 5CC World Congress from June 13-16, 2024.
Michael H. Gold, MD
Congress President

Call for abstracts: until 2024.03.31.

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