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EADV Masterclass: Facial Dermatoses - face to face course (St. Julian's, Malta, 2024.05.18.)
Időpont: 2024.05.18.
Helyszín: Malta, St. Julian's,,
 Resident application deadline: 01.02.2024

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In an unicist topography, face is the anatomic location of frequent or rarer pathologies both
managed by all private and hospital dermatologists. Yet these facial dermatoses are often a
burden to the patient, due to their displaying and sometimes chronic nature. The face can also
be the site of systemic diseases, sometimes initially and revealingly, and can be affected by
multiple extra-facial dermatoses, or toxicities of anti-cancer treatments, the management of
which may.
These facial dermatoses may also require the implementation of a specific approach when they
occur on pigmented skin.
New medical or interventional therapeutics have recently been proposed, some of them are still
off-label (e.g. topical tacrolimus in seborrheic dermatitis, isotretinoin in rosacea, spironolactone
in acne, etc.).
This full-day course aims to provide basic and practical knowledge on
1) specific conditions located on face exclusively
2) specificities of different diseases when located on face
3) therapeutic aspects and challenges with facial dermatosis
The teaching programme will bring up-to-date guidelines and evidence-based practice,
provided by a panel of European leading experts.
The live courses will consist in 15 to 30-minutes lectures focusing on key points highlighted by
experts on each topic, combined with interactive clinical cases discussions bringing up together
speakers and attendees.
These unique cases discussions will allow participants to test their diagnostic knowledge based
on « quizzes» and allow speakers to share their experience around real-life case studies selected
from their practice.

• Improve knowledge of facial dermatoses.
• Improve management of patients with facial dermatoses, including complex cases.
• Recognise complex situations and discuss different strategies based on case studies.
• Describe new medical or interventional therapeutic approaches in an evidenced based

Course Chairs: Marie-Aleth Richard, Elena Rossi
Speakers: Michael Boffa, Aveen Connolly, Ophelia Dadzie, Jose Luis López Estebaranz,
Alexander Katoulis, Nausicaa Malissen, Marie-Aleth Richard, Elena Rossi, Ditte Marie Saunte

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