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ESDR kongresszus (online 2021.09.22-25.) - pályázati felhívás részvétel támogatására!
Rendezvény kezdete: 2021.09.22.Rendezvény vége: 2021.09.25.
Helyszín: online
Abstract submission: 1 March – 28 May 2021 (http://esdrmeeting.org/abstracts-2/)

ESDR 2021 Moves To Virtual: (17 February 2021)

MDT pályázat az ESDR kongresszuson való részvétel támogatására (pályázati felhívás 2021). Beadási határidő: 2021.06.13.

Dear Colleague, As you will recall, we postponed our 50th Anniversary meeting to be held in Amsterdam in 2020 in the hope that by September 2021 we would be able to do justice to the event and hold it face-to-face in Amsterdam. In view of the present and continuing COVID-19 situation, the ESDR Executive Committee developed a number of different contingencies about the format of the ESDR 2021 meeting to discuss with the Board. After a detailed and informed discussion at an Extraordinary ESDR Board meeting on 5 February 2021 it was unanimously decided that the most effective, equitable and safest option is to hold the 2021 ESDR Annual Meeting in a virtual format. We are certain that you have already attended several virtual conferences in the last few months and experienced their values and successes. The ESDR Board and Programme Committee are determined to organise a scientifically valuable, innovative and highly enjoyable 50th Anniversary ESDR Annual Meeting. We will soon inform you about the details of abstract submission and registration. Please join our Virtual 50th Anniversary ESDR Annual Meeting from 22-25 September 2021. We hope to see you at our face-to-face meeting in Amsterdam from 28 September-1 October 2022. Márta Széll, ESDR President Sabine Eming, Chris Griffiths and Hervé Bachelez, Executive Committee Members and the ESDR Board

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