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Hírkategória: Általános
  • EFORT Webinar: Non-Infected Painful Total Knee Arthroplasty | Monday 6 July 2020 | 19:00-20:00 CET
    [2020.06.30.] - MOT - Hírkategória: Általános
    Non-Infected Painful Total Knee Arthroplasty | Monday 6 July 2020 | 19:00-20:00 CET

    Chair: Enrique Gómez Barrena | Spain

    The Webinar will address the following topics:
    • Introduction
      Enrique Gómez Barrena | Spain| 4 mins
    • Location of Knee Pain: Intra/Extraarticular or Referred Pain, Extensor Mechanism
      Roland Becker | Germany | 9 mins
    • Component Related Issues: Position, Rotation, Sizing
      Nanne Kort | The Netherlands | 9 mins
    • Soft Tissue Related Issues: Instability, Arthrofibrosis, Impingement and Insertions
      Michael Hirschmann | Switzerland | 9 mins
    • Material Related Issues: Material Failure, Loosening and Osteolysis, Metallosis, Allergy
      Enrique Gómez Barrena | Spain | 9 mins
    • Questions and Answers
      All Participants | 20 min

    Learning Objectives:
    Patients with knee arthroplasty may complain of pain and/or may be unhappy. There are no infection signs or suspicion. What needs to be considered? How to manage these knees?
    • Clarify the clinical situation: diagnosis of the painful knee arthroplasty, general management of some problems.
    • Consider the location: intra or extraarticular source of pain, local or referred pain, extensor mechanism or other regions may also cause knee pain.
    • Component positioning, over- and under sizing, eventual conflicts such as malposition, malrotation or impingement should be investigated.
    • Soft tissues may be the origin of pain, management may vary with diagnosis: instability, stiffness, tendinosis, iliotibial tract,...
    • Material and fixation problems are frequent pain causes: consider loosening, debonding, osteolysis, metal allergy, metallosis, material failure,…

    This Webinar is organized by the EFORT Orthopaedic Education Group independent of any commercial education support and hosted by m-events.

    Register free of charge on line: http://efortnet.conference2web.com/webinars

    More information: https://www.efort.org/elearning/



MOT társasági hírek>>